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Talking it over -- 7-8-10

I am so proud of our community. This pride is never more evident than after a big celebration such as the one just held last weekend. I am proud of how our businesses and organizations step up to host this event, how individuals work hard to make it happen, how homeowners shape up for and put up with the extra activity and how we welcome visitors with open arms.

Each year on the Fourth of July, the population of Hancock doubles or even triples for some events. This means that city fathers and mothers have to work very hard to accommodate the extra people and I have to say that they do a very good job of it.

More than 120 people took part in the 5K, and there was an overflow crowd at the pancake feed. The water tower park was filled and the parade route was lined two to three deep and there was a wonderful turn-out at bingo and the tractor pull. The day wrapped up with thousands watching the fireworks. The band was impressive, the floats beautiful, the food delicious and the entertainment extraordinary. It was a big day for our small town. Lots of work but also lots of fun.

As I drove through town on Monday morning the first thing I noticed were the welcome banners still waving in the breeze, and then my eye went to the clean streets, boulevards and yards. There was no evidence leftover of the events as either the spectators or homeowners quickly cleaned-up and brought the community back to normal, making the welcome signs only a backdrop to the eye-appealing appearance of the town.

Thank you to everyone who made the July 4 celebration so much fun and to those who helped me by sharing pictures and news about the events. However, as I think back on the weekend there is one more source of pride for me. The older I get the more I appreciate the fact that in Hancock we continue to keep Sunday Holy by holding holiday celebrations that fall on Sunday either the day before or day after. This is also true when it comes to Halloween.

I have heard some negative comments about the change but these fail to affect my pride when it comes to this decision. It really doesn't matter if July 4 is celebrated on the 3rd or if the children trick or treat a day earlier or later. But keeping the Sabbath day holy for many in Hancock is important and I want to thank the Lions Club for preserving this tradition.