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Bits & Pieces -- July 8

The past six months I have been doing a lot of traveling, thanks to my kids. The first was my trip to Chicago to babysit for my granddaughter, Kayla, and take in the sights of Chicago in the small area I inhabited. Then I went to California for my granddaughter Kelsey's graduation from college in Orange, Calif. When you say California you think of warm weather. Well it wasn't, on the evening of the graduation and not having a jacket along, we had to go to Kelsey's apartment and bring back blankets to wrap in to keep warm. Then we flew back up to northern California, to Danville, where Lisa lives. We had the fireplace going every morning to take the chill out of the house, but it did get nicer and warmer at the end of the week before I left, of course. But while there Lisa and I took a little side trip and visited Stanford University, just to say I had been there. It is a beautiful campus and has a beautiful church which was built as a memorial to the founder by his wife. The name escapes me now. It is really worth the trip just to see it.

Earlier this month, my daughter, Barb and I toured Washington D.C., which is a must see for anyone who lives in this country. There is so much to see and you can't see it all in four days, although we did see quite a bit. Arlington Cemetery was probably the highlight of the trip. We saw the changing of the guard and we also got to witness the changing of the wreath. Anyone can give a wreath of flowers to be displayed and on that day, a middle school in the area presented a wreath to be displayed by the tomb of the unknown soldier. We saw all of the monuments, some of the Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center, where we took in a free show and had dinner. This is just some of what we saw. We took the train from Chicago and our plan was to see West Virginia and Virginia countryside on our way into Washington D.C. However, it wasn't the plan we envisioned as the area around railroad tracks are usually secluded and except for a few open spots, we only saw trees and other trains. Coming back, however, we saw more of the country as we were in a double decker and could see more from the top level of the train. Overnight, a train ride is fine, but more than a couple of days wouldn't be too great.

After seeing all of these great sites, the one thing that sticks in my mind was when we were in Chicago Union Station and after having supper before boarding the train was the person who took our uneaten food from the trash and ate the rest of it. What a country!!

Have a good day!