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Sun of June 27, 1995

Larry Hutchings, of the Stevens County Historical Society, spoke to the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Charles Leuthard Post 5039 at their regular meting on June 20. He told of the book about World War II, which they will be publishing. The book will contain articles contributed by those who served in the military and also experiences of those on the home front. It will be available to the public by December.

The West Central Minnesota Institute for Creative Study gave 108 junior and senior high students from the area a chance to participate in a program of concentrated study and interaction from June 12 through June 23. The Institute wrapped up its twenty-second year this past Friday. Teachers included Steve Deitz, Kevin Flicker, and Tom Turner. The Institute for Creative Study is sponsored by the University of Minnesota, Morris' Continuing Education and Summer Session department.

40 Years Ago

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Sun of June 30, 1970

Doyle Potter, a 1970 graduate of the School of Pharmacy at North Dakota State University in Fargo, has accepted the position of pharmacist at the Johnson Drug in Morris. Mr. Potter is originally from Wheaton. His wife, Mrs. Mary Potter, originally from Dumont, will teach senior home economics at Alberta High School next fall.

School patrol boys and girls from the Morris-Donnelly public schools and St. Mary's school will be guests of Walter Tripp Post No. 29, American Legion, at the Minnesota Twins-Kansas City baseball game at the Met Stadium on Thursday, July 2. Admission tickets will be provided to the patrol youngsters. The only things the boys and girls will have to supply will be their own lunch money and their school patrol pledge cards. The pledge cards will be needed to get into the game.

The Morris High School band won third place in concert competition at the Manishere 100 International Band Contest at Winnipeg, Canada, June 26-28. On Saturday evening a massed band of 2500 players, made up of all the bands, played a concert in the Winnipeg Stadium. The Morris band arrived home at 3 a.m. on Monday.

75 Years Ago

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Sun of July 5, 1935

Seven kittenball teams have been organized in Stevens County under the leadership of Mrs. C. Proudfoot. Three of the teams are in Morris and they are the Relief Girls team, Yankee Ridge team and the Young Married Women's team. Other teams are in Hancock, Donnelly, Alberta, and Chokio. Mrs. Proudfoot states that a great deal of interest has been shown by the girls composing the teams.

Hundreds of students and alumni of the West Central School are expected to return to the campus on Thursday evening, July 18, when the annual summer reunion will be held. This event has been a regular affair for the last several years and is always anticipated with a great deal of interest by graduates and students.

Stevens County has appropriated $11,000 for each of 1935 and '36 as its share in the combined federal and state plan of emergency relief. This action was taken at a special meeting of the board of county commissioners held on Saturday. Resolutions were adopted by the board setting aside the appropriation from the county poor fund. The amounts are to be credited against the appropriations as they are used in relief work in the county under this program. It is estimated this county has already this year expended an amount between $7,000 and $8,000 for this purpose.

100 Years Ago

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Sun of July 7, 1910

The one source of excitement in Morris on the Fourth was the receipt of telegraphic accounts of the big prize fight between Jeffries and Johnson at Reno, Nev. Morris is not a betting town or there would probably have been a lot of money lost on the fight.

A new cement walk has been put down in front of E. J. Jones' lumber yard, the same having been paid for partly by Mr. Jones and partly by the city. It is likely that the other cross walks, which were torn up recently, will be replaced soon with cement walks.

Owing to the unprecedented drouth, the hay crop in Minnesota is probably less than 50 per cent of a normal crop. In places it is a total failure and the farmers are not attempting to cut their meadows. This means a shortage of forage and in consequence, the selling of much livestock. Every effort should be made to keep all breeding stock, both young and old.