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Food Network films at Anchor Bar in Superior, Wisconsin

A camera crew for the Food Network sailed into Superior's Anchor Bar and Grill today for a day of shooting.

Lights and cameras pointed at the grill, capturing the creation of specialty burgers ranging from the cashew burger and olive burger to the hearty Anchor burger.

Patrons weren't surprised the network scented filming gold at the Anchor, 413 Tower Ave.

"This is the best hamburger and french fry deal in the entire United States that I'm aware of," said Alan Gonia as he bit into a mushroom and swiss burger.

"I come here all the time because I love the burgers," said Cindy Parsons of Duluth. "It's a great deal."

Where else, they asked, could you get a meal for two -- burgers, fries and drinks -- for under $10?

"I was surprised before when they were doing Gordy's Hi-Hat and the Duluth Grill and they hadn't included this place," Parsons said. Like the other shoots, today's taping was for a segment of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" with Guy Fieri. The star was not at the Anchor this morning, and Food Network communications staff would not comment on when or if he would be in the area.

The Anchor Bar is famous not only for its burgers but also its unique décor, which includes an eclectic mix ranging from diving suits and other nautical gear to barber chairs and books.

"The atmosphere's so unique," Parsons said. "It's fun to come in here and look around."

The Superior mainstay's burgers have won numerous local awards for best burger in the Twin Ports. They have been featured in Gourmet Magazine and the book "500 Things to Eat Before It's Too Late." Public radio and local news stations have also touched on the Anchor's cuisine.

"We get people from all over the world here," said Shayla Williams, who works at the Anchor. "We're really popular." She estimated that in a single Saturday shift, they serve up 300 burgers.

Tom Trolson, who also works at the business, said he wore his Anchor Bar T-shirt in Florida once, and was approached by eight different people who told him they were the best burgers in the world.

What makes these burgers so good? They're fresh. About 280 pounds of fresh beef is delivered to the Anchor's doorstep each day. Add fresh buns from Twig Bakery and fresh potatoes to cut into fries, and you have culinary gold.

"They're really good," said Inga Parsons, 9, as she sampled a burger Thursday.

"Try it," said Trolson. "That's all I can say."

Representatives from the Food Network declined to comment on the closed shoot or when the segment would air. But patrons enjoyed the hustle, bustle and noise. Some joked that the bright camera lights illuminated items on the walls and ceiling they hadn't seen before.

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