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Hancock Sixth grade class take trips to historic sites in Twin Cities area

Art Gallery

by Brooke Jepma

At the James J. Hill house I saw some really interesting pictures. My favorite picture was the one drawn in pencil because it looked like it took a lot of work to sit and draw a picture that good. I also saw some pictures that were water color paintings. It really looked cool. After all those drawings we got to see the organ and Bryce got to play and it was good.


by Brady Carter

My news article is about plumbing/heating.

The location of my article is the James J. Hill house.

I saw a huge furnace, two bathrooms, and two showers. The furnace looked like it could store 10 bodies.

The thing I liked the most was the furnace.

Elevator Show

by Max Feuchtenberger

My newspaper article is: Elevator show.

This is located at: Mill City.

Brief description of what I saw: What different jobs were and how dangerous they were.

Brief description of what I liked most about this: The throwing on the belt on the run and how dangerous it was.

Main Hall/Grand Staircase

by Karly Thompson

My newspaper article is on the Main Hall/Grand Staircase. It is located at the James J. Hill house.

The Main Hall is 100 feet long and could have about 100 people in there at once, and it was mostly used for dances. Then the Grand Staircase goes up part ways, and goes off left right.

James J. Hill Dining Room

by Cole Voorhees

My newspaper article is the dining room.

This is located at James J Hill house.

The dining room table could be extended to 24 feet. There was a fireplace wood still in it. There was a china cabinet on the right side.

The coolest things were the safe hidden behind the walls.

There was a slave screen to the left side at the end of the table. There was a buzzer that Mary T. Hill would press to alert the servants to bring out the food.

Minneapolis in 19 min. flat

by Bryce Schmidgall

The movie is in the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis. The narrator of the film has a great way of telling the history of Minneapolis in a funny and educational film.

Cooking Class

by Claire Hanson

My Newspaper article is about Cooking Class at the Mill City Museum! I saw spices from other countries! We also got to see other recipes from other countries! Then my favorite part was making and eating the Mexican cookies.

Civil War Lesson

by Collin Brown

What I saw was a Civil War sword, jacket, tent, sack, canteen and a lot of Civil War pictures.

What I liked the most was the sword I held, and all of the supplies.

Civil War Lesson

by Matthew Utech

On Friday, Dec. 11 the 6th grade class and their chaperones went to St. Paul. We went to the Historical Society. When we got there we had a special lesson on the Civil War. He told us about the objects that were used in the Civil War and he even brought along some actual pieces from that time. Some of the things that he shared with us were: a peg leg, a musket, a mini-ball that goes in the musket, an actual uniform from the Civil War and a Union Soldier pack. I really enjoyed seeing the musket with a bayonet. There was also a surgical tool that would remove bullets from the soldier's wounds. I really like being able to touch and see all of the artifacts from the Civil War.

Home Place Theater

by Eric Vasek

The home place theater was fun. You sit there and see what other people think about Minnesota. There were about 20 people's ideas. There were things that you could see, like my favorite spot, the old gas pump.

Open House

by Kathryn Newhouse

There was a house that over 50 families lived in and some were from different countries and they had interviews on tapes from the families and their stories.

The thing I liked most was the bed. The family that lived in it before bed had a bad bed-frame so when I sat on it at the museum it fell and scared me!

House of Representatives

by Clair Spohr

What I saw in the House of Representatives was lots of chairs, one portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and two eagles holding arrows and an olive branch. What I liked the best was the words to the saying "the voice of people, the voice of God."

History Center MN150

by Hannah Collins

I learned at the History Center MN150, that the movie Purple Rain was filmed in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the first kids wheel chair, and that the first handicapped snow ski chair was invented in Minnesota. (That looked really cool). I also learned what the beds used to be like once you sat on them.

Anyways, most important to me (you might not think that it is okay, but I do). The first fasionista (a woman that had the first "Women's Handy Shop" which was created in Minnesota. She had hats, mini skirts, scarves, and more! It was so amazing! They had hats that you would wear to or at your wedding. It was just so thrilling to see what our fashion was back then, to now! She also had a little bit of perfume. It was just so fantastic to see what the "fashion" used to be. The History Center is a great place to go and learn about stuff. So is the State Capitol.

The Rotunda

by Kayla Crowell

The rotunda is located at the State Capitol. At the rotunda I saw the giant chandelier, I learned that it is only lit up on May 11th, the day we became a state. Another thing I saw while I was there was the giant Christmas tree that they have every year. That was my favorite thing I saw.

The Governor's Reception Room & Paintings

by Brett Kellner

What I saw was: a lot of Civil War pictures and Dakota and Ojibwa paintings. It's really dark and gold with two big chandeliers.

What I like most: The texture of the ceiling and walls are dark gold and brown. And it's really cozy.

Weather Permitting

by Mia Leuthard

I saw a room that looked like a basement with a tv and paint cans. Then I looked out the window and saw the sky turn green, after that a branch from a tree in front of the window.

What I liked most was the MN150 because it gave cool information about history about Minnesota and important facts. I even played a game show that also gave information about Minnesota.

Benjamin Franklin

by Alexis Steege

I had to write a paper on the new Benjamin Franklin exhibit. It had all of Benjamin Franklin's inventions and portraits of when he was young to old. You could actually see a short movie on how he got electrocuted but didn't die.

Thank You

by Morgan Nelson

Here is a special thank you to all the chaperones that went: Mrs. Winter, Kevin Voorhees, Kevin Koehl, Jason Brown, Troy Hanson, Bruce Schmidgall, Joel Schmidgall, Loren Schmidgall, Hope Leuthard, Camille Spohr, Paula Feuchtenberger, Shawn Kidd, and of course Dori Gades. And special, special thank you to the school for the money to even go on the trip. We went on Friday, Dec. 11, 2009. Thanks again!!