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Bits & Pieces

Recently, at a family gathering, the conversation

turned to the "olden days" and about things family and

friends and neighbors did. I want to share a few with you

for laughs or just to say, "I remember that". In the '50s

here in Minnesota, it was against the law to sell oleo margarine

in sticks because it looked like butter, so a bill was

passed outlawing the sale of it by the dairy industry. My

father-in-law drove a feed truck where he delivered feed

to the area farmers around Fairmont. The bulk plant was

in Esterville, Iowa and once a week he would go there to

get more feed. While he was there he would pick up a case

of oleo margarine in sticks as it wasn't illegal in Iowa.

He would bring it back to Fairmont and sell it to family

and neighbors so they could have cheaper "butter". The

oleo margarine at that time was sold in little sacks with a

food coloring bead in the middle and you would pop the

bead and knead the sack to spread the color throughout

the margarine so it looked like butter when you used it to

spread on bread or whatever. It was usually a job for us

kids after school.

Another story was about an uncle who in the

Prohibition days would drive to Canada in the wee hours

of the morning to bring back the "hooch". The details

were really fuzzy as he is deceased and not too many of

that age bracket are still with us. But it made for good

story telling anyway.

I guess it just goes to show that some laws don't really

hold much water and no matter what you can't make laws

to make people be good.

While I'm not saying you shouldn't obey the laws, as

they are necessary and needed to keep things from being

too chaotic, but some common sense could be used. Not

everyone is entirely stupid.

Have a good day!