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Worthington woman charged in beer bottle assault following jewelry dispute

WORTHINGTON -- A Worthington woman charged earlier this week with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon is accused of hitting her cousin with a beer bottle during an argument regarding jewelry.

According to the criminal complaint, April Marie Garcia, 21, is charged with the assault count and a count of disorderly conduct.

Authorities were dispatched Sunday night to a residence where an alleged assault had taken place. An officer spoke with the victim, who said her cousin had hit her on the head with a beer bottle. When questioned, Garcia allegedly admitted to hitting her cousin, adding "they hit her, too."

She told authorities she had asked her cousin to return her rings or pay her $10 for them, but she would not give them back. She allegedly said the victim and her sister had ganged up on her and hit her, so she acted in self-defense.

The victim said she and her sister were walking uptown when they met up with Garcia. She was wearing a pair of Garcia's earrings, she said, and the two argued about who hadn't returned whose pieces of jewelry. They ended up going into a residence -- not their own -- where the argument got physical. According to the victim, Garcia hit first, and she hit back in self-defense. Garcia then grabbed a beer bottle and hit her over the head, breaking the bottle.

The officer noted a large contusion on the victim's forehead approximately two inches in diameter and requested an ambulance, but she refused to be transported.

The victim's sister said they were walking down the street, Garcia approached them, and the two began to argue about jewelry. Garcia pushed them aside and blocked them from leaving, she said, then hit her sister with a beer bottle. Several men had witnessed the fight but none said they saw a bottle. One man said he thought a glass may have been used, but that the glass wasn't there anymore. He suspected someone had thrown it away, he said.

The officer looked around the room where the conflict had taken place and did not see any broken glass.