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Talking it over -- 6-17-10

"With You Daddy"

When I was but a little child and Dad was going away,

I would smile at him, raise my arms and to him I would say,

"I want to go with you Daddy" wherever that may have been.

To the moon and past the stars or just uptown again.

"Please take me with you Daddy, I want to follow you,

I'll try my best to help you in whatever I can do.

I know I may be small and I do not know a lot,

But if you teach me carefully, I know I can be taught."

Sometimes I had to stay behind or watch him from inside,

And when he would come back in, my arms were open wide.

I wanted to be like Daddy, so strong, so straight and true.

You are my best friend dear Daddy, I want to be with you.

Well, time did what it does best and quickly passed us by,

but throughout all my growing years I stayed by Daddy's side.

Until the time that dad had said would surely come some day,

I met my darling bride and from my father moved away.

Seasons came and seasons went faster now then ever,

Our first baby daughter was born early in November.

Nothing quite prepared me for how quickly children grow,

They are also anxious to show you everything they know.

I opened the door one summer day to go and work outside.

My daughter came running toward me her little arms open wide.

"With you Daddy!" she exclaimed so enthusiastically,

She wanted to be with Daddy, and Daddy is now me!

Happy Father's Day!

by Joshua Schmidgall