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Talking It Over: Summer fun begins

Summer is a fun time of year. There are so many great things you can do no matter if you want to be active or passive.

Either way summer is the perfect season.

For those who choose to be more active in the summer you can go biking, walking, swimming, and hiking. There are many types of water and competitive sports you could also participate in. Some types of gardening could be considered quite physical although much of it is just plain relaxing.

If you want to be less active and more passive you can enjoy summer by resting in a lawn chair, taking a drive in the country or sitting by a camp fire and enjoying the sunset.

Camping, fishing and vacationing are all great summer activities that don't require a lot of physical exercise.

When I think back on some of my favorite summer activities I have to say that the best ones are just relaxing in a lawn chair and visiting with friends or relatives. This can take place anywhere, whether it is in your own backyard, at a campground, during a reunion or while spending time at a lake. Just being outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature is what makes summertime so much fun.

Before we know it the heat and humidity along with biting flies and mosquitoes will make summer activites less enjoyable. Therefore, take the time now to be outdoors.

Either sit back with a good book, take in a ballgame or have a picnic at the park. Spend time enjoying summer before those cold winter days return and we are partially confined indoors.