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Hancock News -- June 10

Judy and Gary Stenson and Terri Goodhue and daughters left on Monday. On Sunday, they along with Elaine Jacobson visited Elaine's sister, Darlene Mounsdon in Parker's Prairie.

Stephanie Rohloff, Howard, Thore and Tallack Dosdall and Daryl Dosdall visited with Genevieve Dosdall last week. On Monday, John Dosdall called on her.

Rob and Marilyn Nohl attended the LifeRight benefit at the LifeRight Outreach Center in Alexandria on Saturday.

Greg and Tracy Sodt, Gary and Kody Sodt stopped and visited overnight on Friday at Millie Goll's. They were on their way to Illinois.

Marilyn Grammentz is recuperating at the hospital in Morris. I'm sure she would love getting a card and hearing from all of us.

Margaret Cunningham accompanied the Jon Cunningham family to Moorhead last week to watch Lindsie Cunningham compete in the Section 6 Region Track and Field.

Vera Beyer's company left this weekend. Bob, Connie and Jessica Knight from Fort Wayne, Ind. spent several days visiting her.

James and Loraye Backer went to Montevideo on Sunday for their grandson Luke Lagesons graduation. They had 151 who graduated.