Weather Forecast


Wednesday's Area Weather: Rain in the future?

We had a great weekend across the state of Minnesota. A few spotty showers were found, but for the most part it was a very nice and quiet weekend.

Portions of the Eastern U.S. were not as fortunate, however. At last report seven people were killed in Ohio as tornadoes ripped through some local areas there in the overnight hours. These late night storms, of course, are the most deadly tornadoes because people are in bed and don't always here the warning sirens.

It is tough for weather spotters to see the tornadoes as well in the dark of night. Radar alone isn't the only way for the National Weather Service to be able to detect storms and issue warnings. Some spots radar doesn't cover as good as it should.

For Minnesota, our most active time for severe weather is June and July. I don't mean to try to scare anyone, but I am hoping to make all us more aware of things and to potentially save lives. All of us should have weather radios to alert us in the late night hours when we may not be watching TV or listening to radio for weather alerts and warnings. Although the majority of our tornadoes hit between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. in Minnesota, they can occur at any time of the day.

Have a great weekend, but, as always, stay alert to the weather!

Weather History

In 2002 flooding was a big problem across Northwestern Minnesota. Reports of nearly 15" of rainfall in just 48 hours near Lake of the Woods.

Weather facts

About 10 percent of thunderstorms are classified as severe. These are thunderstorms that produce hail at least three-quarters of an inch in diameter, has winds of 58 miles per hour or higher, or produces a tornado.

Minnesota at a Glance

Moorhead...Low 57...High 75

Duluth...Low 47... High 68

Morris...Low 54...High 75

Twin Cities...Low 56...High 78

Rochester...Low 53...High 77

Marshall...Low...56...High 77


Partly cloudy. High 75 Low 54 Winds: NW 15-20 mph Prec. None

Today's sunrise: 5:33 am Today's sunset: 9:06 p.m.

Normal High: 75 Normal Low: 54

High pressure will keep the area in-check for today before another disturbance arrives for Thursday.


•Thursday: Mostly cloudy, chance of sct. showers and thunderstorms. High 76 Low 63 Winds: E 10-20 mph Prec. Trace-.10"

•Friday: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 77 Low 61 Winds: SE 10-20 mph Prec. .25"-1.00"

•Saturday: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 73 Low 55 Winds: SW/NW 10-15>20 mph Prec. .20"-.60"

•Sunday: Variable clouds, slight chance of showers. High 71 Low 54 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Prec. Trace-.10".