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Montevideo City Council approves holding Sunday liquor vote

MONTEVIDEO -- Voters in Montevideo will decide in the November general election whether or not to allow Sunday liquor sales.

City Council members decided Monday to put the Sunday liquor option to a vote following discussions at their meeting, said City Manager Steve Jones.

The council members are in the process of reviewing city liquor ordinances as part of a comprehensive effort to update them.

Restaurants located outside of the city limits currently offer Sunday liquor sales. The competition has been a source of concern for businesses in Montevideo.

In 2006, the city had attempted to block the Sunday sale of liquor at Goodfellows Restaurant on U.S. Highway 212. Yellow Medicine County issued the restaurant a license for Sunday sales, but the city argued that the business was within three miles of the city.

State law prohibits county boards from issuing an off-sale license to a person or establishment located fewer than three miles by the most direct route from the boundary of a city of over 5,000 population that has an established municipal liquor store.

The owner of Goodfellows provided a surveyor's finding that the business was more than three miles from the city.