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Talking it over -- 6-3-10

Even though Memorial Day is over, the remembering is not. For this community and many others, another special day of remembering will be held this Sunday, this time for Hancock's Hometown Hero, Kurt Kruize.

Kurt lost his life while serving our country in April and his funeral was held shortly thereafter in St. Cloud, where he had been living. Many of us who knew him and his family were not able to travel to St. Cloud for the funeral, so it was nice that the family decided to hold a memorial service here in Hancock. In this way the community and surrounding area can show our respect and honor his memory.

I encourage everyone to make their presence known in some way on Sunday. Either by displaying a flag, standing along the street as the family proceeds into town or attending the special service. Any of these ways will be appreciated by his family and show our support.

In his speech at the Memorial Day service on Monday, Ryan Spencer urged us to remember our soldiers not just on Memorial Day but each day of the year. One way we can do this is through special things we do, say or display that shows our patriotism and appreciation.

It is time to come together as a community and area to honor our own Hometown Hero - Kurt Kruize.