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Academic and Arts Awards at HHS

The 2010 Academics and Arts awards program at Hancock High School was held on Wednesday, May 12 at the school. Awards were presented for academics, arts, music, organizations and scholarships.

Ag/Industrial Arts

by Adam Steege

The Industrial Arts Awards went to Austin Anderson, Cody Johnson and Taylor Mix in junior high and Cory Schroeder and Jake Ascheman in senior high.

Art and Yearbook

by Sue Stevenson

The senior high art award was presented to Heidi Cramlet and Rachel Spohr. In Carving the second year Carver award went to Jake Ascheman with the most Improved second year Carver award to Rachel Spohr. The first year Carver award went to Heidi Cramlet.

The Media Arts awards went to Chelsea Anderson in Photo Shop, and Jake Ascheman and Illissa Koehl in Architecture. The Business Brochure award went to Elizabeth Huebner.

The Junior High Art Award went to Patrick Koehl and Samantha Schmidgall. The 7th grade Art Award went to Justin Miller, Leah Steiner and Zeke Rodriquez.

The entire Yearbook staff was recognized and presented with certificates. The Yearbook staff included Travis Nohl, Rosendo Lopez, Mariah Crosgrove, Megan Jepma, Maggie Hacker, Heidi Cramlet, Chelsea Anderson, Blake Swenson, Lindsie Cunningham, Brendon Foss, Bree Holleman, Annie Huebner, Liz Huebner, Kelsey Jepma, Sara Nohl, Cory Schroeder, Rachel Spohr and Kaylee Voorhees.

Business Education

by Amy Dougherty

The 7th grade award went to Justin Miller. In 8th grade Karol Algarate was the winner. Serandon Bigalke was the 9th grade winner and Abigail Ascheman was the 10th grade winner. Shae Brown was given the Accounting Award. In Advanced Business Math Lauren Nelson was the winner.

Mrs. Dougherty also announced that the Advanced Business Math class had taken a Nation Financial Capability Test. The test is taken by 76,000 students and the top 20 percent were announced. Hancock had six students who placed in the top 20%. They were Quincy Carter, Lauren Nelson, Dylan Reese, Samuel Roth, Mark Schaefer and Andrew Steiner. Andrew and Quincy were the top scorers from the Hancock School

The class also did some Stock Market Education learning about buying and selling with the top three being Sam Roth 3rd, Chanc Nack 2nd and Dylan Reese 1st. The biggest loser in the stock market was Andrew Steiner.

The Sysco Students who help with computer systems throughout the school were recognized and thanked for the valuable help. They were Wade Feuchtenberger, Kelsey Jepma, Megan Jepma, Brendon Foss, Bree Holleman, Liz Huebner, Kaylee Voorhees, Drew Schmidgall, Rosendo Lopez, Brandon Sanders, Rachel Spohr, Cory Schroeder, Lindsie Cunningham, Sara Nohl and Ryan Flaten.

The Outstanding Award in Computer Software went to Rosendo Lopez and Brandon Sanders. The Hardware Expert (Get 'er done guy) was Cory Schroeder.


by Nicole Schmidt

English awards were presented to students in each grade who had the highest overall GPA. They went to: 7th grade - Justin Miller and Leah Steiner; 8th grade - Taylor Holleman and Alexis Nohl; 9th grade - Nicole Milander and Jordan Miller; 10th grade - Alison Reese and Brady Koehl; 11th grade - Andrew Steiner and Lauren Nelson and 12th grade - Brandon Sanders and Maggie Hacker

The entire play cast and crew were presented with certificates and Maggie Hacker was acknowledged as the Student Director. The College English Award went to Lindsie Cunningham.


Amy Brown

and Char Rustad

The speech team competed at several meets and had a good season. Recognized for their work in speech were Abigail Bitter, James Newhouse, Michael Vasek, Kaitlin Koehl, Annie Huebner, Emily Cunningham and Bethany Jensen.


Supt. Jerry Martinson recognized Kayla Thompson, Levi Carter, Illissa Koehl, Nicole Milander, Brandon Sanders, Rosendo Lopez, Christine Tolles and Kaitlin Koehl.


by Dale Swanson

The 7th grade Math award went to Justin Miller, 8th grade to Taylor Holleman, 9th grade to Jordan Miller, 10th grade to Brady Koehl, 11th grade to Lauren Nelson and 12th grade to Brendon Foss. The geometry Award went to Kara Schmidgall.

Student Council president Sara Nohl was recognized. And in the first (and last) annual Dale Swanson give-away, the name of Bryan Shaw was drawn to receive a unique plaque.

Phy Ed

by Brandon Welle

The junior high phy ed recipients were Taylor Holleman and Kami Feuchtenberger. In senior high Kendra Schmidgall and Dan Lonneman were the award winners. Nicole Milander and Jordan Miller received the Health Award.

The most dedicated Weight Room Program participants were named. They were Dan Lonneman, Brady Koehl, Michells Algarate, Mark Schaefer, Jordan Miller, Dylan Reese, Courtney Greiner, Serandon Bigalke, Vanessa Anderson and Alison Reese.


by Ken Grunig

and Kris Miller

Letters, pins, bars and certificates for awards at sub-section and section contests were presented to music students. The Outstanding Music Awards were presented at the Pops Concerts instead of during the Awards Program.

Four groups and individuals were recognized as Best in Site Honorable Mention for the small group music contest. They were the trombone Quartet of Maverick Wolf, Dan Lonneman, Mike Vasek and Brandon Sanders, Trumpet solos of Andrew Steiner and Quincy Carter and the Mens TTB of James Newhouse, Maverick Wolf, Jordan Miller, Collin Cunningham, Seth Nelson, Andrew Steiner, Brady Koehl and Austin Nelson who sang 'Sixteen Tons'.


by Ben Tolles

Science awards were given out as follows one from each semester in the school year:

7th grade -- Justin Miller and Brendan Jensen; 8th grade - Lexi Nohl and Patrick Koehl; 9th grade - Levi Carter and Maverick Wolf; 10th grade - Bethany Jensen and Brady Koehl; Anatomy - Dylan Reese and Lauren Nelson; Chemistry - Brendon Foss and Cayler Evenson.

The Knowledge Bowl students were recognized. They included seniors Rosendo Lopez, Rachel Spohr, Cory Schroeder, Jake Ascheman, Drew Schmidgall, Annie Huebner and Liz Huebner; juniors Christine Tolles, Andrew Steiner and Quincy Carter; sophomores Bethany Jensen, Michael Vasek, Kara Schmidgall, James Newhouse, Tara Flaten and Emily Cunningham and ninth graders Levi Carter, Austin Nelson, Jerrid Jepma and Evan Nelson. The junior high Knowledge Bowl participants were Taylor Mix, Sami Schmidgall, Karol Algarate, Ross Ascheman and Taylor Holleman.

Mr. Tolles also recognized the O Ambassadors, a group of students who raise money for impoverished countries. This year they raised money for drinking water and sanitation efforts and exceeded their goals. The group includes Brendon Foss, Bree Holleman, Rachel Spohr, Lindsie Cunningham, Rosendo Lopez, Cory Schroeder, Christine Tolles (the groups founder), Dylan Reese (raised the most money), Sam Roth, Bethany Jensen and Jordan Miller.


by Jerry Martinson

The Spanish II Award went to Cayler Evenson and Spanish I to Lauren Nelson.

Social Studies

by Matt Hone

Social Studies awards were presented as follows:

12th grade - Brendon Foss

11th grade - Sam Roth

10th grade - Bethany Jensen

9th grade - Levi Carter

8th grade - Sami Schmidgall

7th grade - Justin Miller

The junior high award went to Justin Miller and the Senior High Award to Sam Roth.

Honor Students

The honor students who maintained a 3.85 GPA over the last four years were presented with their Honor Cords. They were Chelsea Anderson, Jake Ascheman, Lindsie Cunningham, Cayler Evenson, Wade Feuchtenberger, Brendon Foss, Bree Holleman, Jason Schaefer, Drew Schmidgall, Rachel Spohr, Kaylee Voorhees, Teresa Worner, Travis Nohl, Sara Nohl and Annie Huebner.


by Adam Steege

Benn Scholarship - Sara Nohl

Bremer Community Service Award - Wade Feuchtenberger

Community Development Bank - Jake Ascheman and Drew Schmidgall

Yearbook Scholarship - Rosendo Lopez

Hancock Concrete Scholarship - Lindsie Cunningham and Brendon Foss

Hancock Health Services - Chelsea Anderson

Hancock Foundation scholarship - Jake Ascheman and Kaylee Voorhees

Hancock Education Association Scholarship - Kaylee Voorhees

Pheasant Conference Excellence Award - Brendon Foss, Drew Schmidgall, Bree Holleman, Lindsie Cunningham and Kaylee Voorhees

Roy Stemsrud Scholarship - Lindsie Cunningham

Carole Johnson Honorary Scholarship - Kelsey Jepma

Chris Ver Steeg Memorial scholarship - Brendon Foss

Riverview Scholarship - Kaylee Voorhees

Spencer Yohe Scholarship - Wade Feuchtenberger, Bree Holleman, Drew Schmidgall, Jake Ascheman and Brendon Foss

First District Association - Kaylee Voorhees

Chancellor's Scholarship - Teresa Worner

REA Scholarship - Megan Jepma