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One more HHS class becomes alumni

All is fine with a little duct tape Amy Dougherty did some last minute shoe repair prior to graduation on Friday night by applying some duct tape to a broken strap. All went fine and the shoe stayed on through the program.1 / 5
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The Hancock Class of 2010 has made every second of their thirteen years at HHS count. In their speeches during graduation the class speakers talked about the past, present and future of the Class.

Lindsie Cunningham was the first class speaker. She began her speech by informing those present that the Class of 2010 have spent 67,392,000 seconds in school. She went on to give examples of how they have made those seconds count.

For example the class learned things like reading writing, counting and tying shoes. It took some students about 60 seconds to learn to tie their shoes and some students longer. In fifth grade it took the class about 30 seconds to learn that erasers bounce off the wall, and 3 seconds to count down and throw them at Mrs. Nelson while her back was turned. "I think Mrs. Nelson is still regretting teaching us that," stated Lindsie.

She went on to give other examples of things they had learned and how many seconds each took out of the thirteen years of school. Lindsie added that during those seconds at Hancock, the class has grown together and become closer. "We know what to expect from each other and stick up for each other." said Lindsie "We have made it through our hard classes and experiences using hard work and dedication. Through working on assignments and homework we have learned that every second counts."

Lindsie encouraged her classmates to keep working hard and make every second count and by doing so, they will become a success.

Brendon Foss was the second speaker and he talked to the class about choices. He stated that the choices the class makes will change from prom dates or classes decisions to things like jobs, bills and other responsibilities.

"You have to have a dream, a goal, and you have to be willing to work for it." stated Brendon. "We need to be willing to try many new things and take some chances in life."

Brendon went on to quote the famous hockey coach Wayne Gretzky. "You miss 100% of the shots you never take." Brendon told the class that anything can be accomplished through hard work and effort and that it is important to make choices that will make you happy for a long time, rather than just focusing on the next two seconds.

Drew Schmidgall spoke to the class about their future. He explained that the class had come a long way together from fighting over the orange teeter totter in kindergarten, to equally distributing pizza at the end of the quarter parties.

Drew pointed out the fifteen honor grad students and many who were very close from the class. "That is a very remarkable task to have which shows the value and quality of our class as a whole and that the future for the class of 2010 looks very bright," Drew stated.

He went on to say that the lifelong goals for the class are yet to be attained as they go their separate ways and chase their dreams. He added that things will start to change for all of them and that change is something that is always happening around them. "It is inevitable and we all will have to deal with it. How you deal with that change is the most important thing," Drew said. "We all make some bad decisions in our life, but how we learn from each experience is how we become a better person."

Sue Stevenson was selected by the class as a speaker. She first thanked the parents for the 'great group of kids' and thanked the students for the honor of speaking at the ceremony.

She told the class that she had the honor over the years of awakening the potential in each of them. "Some struggled while others just eventually 'got there'." She added that she is proud of each of them and their accomplishments.

"The real world sets new challenges in your path" stated Stevenson, "Rely on your past and please make us proud."

Class president Sara Nohl read the names of her classmates as they received their diplomas. Junior class escorts Aria Walstad and Sam Roth led the class members into the auditorium and assisted them as they left the stage as HHS alumni.