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Looking Back 5-27-10


(Taken from the Thursday, June 1, 2000 issue of the Hancock Record.)

After several weeks of work the Hancock water tower was raised on Friday. Most of the welding was done on the ground for the large tank portion and then raised by crane to be placed on the base. The work is being done by Caldwell Tank with painting expected to be started in June.

It has been one month since Corey Ascheman was accidentally burned and according to his mother, Sonia, he is now making good progress toward recovery. Even though he still has a long road ahead they can now see regular improvements and have a better picture of what the future holds.


(Taken from the Thursday, June 1, 1995 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Benson-Hancock softball wears the crown for Sub-Section 3 of Section 3. B-H defeated KMS at the end of their sub-section road. They played its first sub-section game at the Raymond diamond. B-H climbed with an 11-4 win over CMCS of Prinsburg.

A base hit by Justin Thielke in the bottom of the eighth inning scored Cory Nuest with the winning run as the HHS baseball team won the sub-section title game Tuesday. The Owls won 2-1vs. Minnewaska Area.


(Taken from the Thursday, May 28, 1970 issue of the Hancock Record.)

One of the oldest residents of this community, John Parker, 92, passed away at the Stevens County Memorial Hospital in Morris on May 21. He had been in failing health the past year.

Mrs. Ray Messner, Sr., 66, passed away unexpectedly at her farm home north of Hancock Tuesday afternoon. Death was caused by a heart attack.

Dr. Arnold Henjum, assistant professor, division of education, University of Minnesota, Morris, will be the speaker at Hancock High School graduation exercises on Thursday evening.


(Taken from the Friday, May 31, 1935 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The large auditorium at the high school was packed to capacity on Tuesday evening for the graduation exercises of the class of 1935, and it was necessary to place additional seats in the aisles to accommodate the large audience that thoroughly appreciated the fine program.


(Taken from the Friday, May 27, 1910 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Jay Donovan came near getting arrested here Tuesday afternoon as he left his auto on the crossing blocking traffic. There was some question as to whether the village marshal had jurisdiction over the sheriff while the said sheriff was in the bailiwick of the marshal and as a compromise the marshal and the justice of the peace pushed the auto off the crossing and into a sand pile while Jay promised to bring down the cigars next time he came.

Julius Marquardt desires to register an emphatic kick against picnic parties helping themselves to his garden truck. Last Saturday a lot of lads went into the garden and it was not so much the truck they swiped as the trampling down of the garden, that made the damage. Hereafter Julius says they can come and ask if they want anything and not help themselves or there will be trouble.