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Hancock Class of 1993 plants tree

The class members present included from left (women identified by maiden name) Jenny Hennen, Angie Emmert, Jodi Nohl, Steve Iverson, Julia Conroy, Aaron Buttenhoff, Sandy DeJager, Jamie Erdman, Staci Lanus, John Ruplinger, Karen Bolluyt, Jennifer Harmsen, Micah Zeltwanger, and Dennis Dodds behind Kurt's parents, Bev and Lyle Kruize. At left is the plaque that will be placed with the tree.1 / 3
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Members of the Hancock Class of 1993 planted a tree last weekend in Memorial Park in memory of their classmate Kurt Kruize who died recently in Iraq.

Watching us from a distant star

Kurt Elmo Kruize, I wasn't expecting a sudden good-bye,

Or at least a good-bye without a hug.

After hearing the news, I wanted to break down and cry,

Watching and reading texts, emails and Facebook all in disbelief.

I called back home and spoke with "FRIENDS",

Wishing, hoping and praying for instant relief.

I didn't know then it was all in vain,

As I could only choke down my own tears.

Praying that you Kurt were not in pain...

As I am saddened by the day, and despising the way.

I, along with our classmates have been stripped of our remaining future together, but have a lifetime of memories to cherish.

And now your class is here in Hancock to say...

That knowing you Kurt completed us, the Class of 1993,

And having you and your friendship was the truest treasure.

Our heart could try to measure...

And "WE" believe, wherever you are...

You are and forever will be not just our Friend, Classmate, and Hometown Hero,

but our little 'Bomber' "Watching Us from a distant Star".

Written by Staci Lanus Hoffman, reprinted with permission

Read at the tree planting ceremony