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Talking it over -- 5-20-10

I say this every year but once again, I cannot believe that it is already the end of the school year and another class will be graduating. In this issue we have our annual graduation section filled with fun memories, hopes and dreams for the class.

As I do each year, I went through back issues of the Record to attempt to share some of the history of the class along with their accomplishments. I love reading about and looking at pictures of the class members through the years.

One of the first things I noted was how many of the initial class members have remained in the class. Nineteen of the 22 children who started at Hancock Elementary as kindergartners are now graduating with the class and have remained in the class through those 13 years.

That is a lot of history together and many fun times shared. However, I also noted that as new students entered the class they were welcomed in almost as if they had always been a part of them.

I noted as I followed the history of the class that they had so many different and unique talents. It seemed that once they found something that interested them, they took it on full-force and worked on it until they excelled. This was evident in sports, academics, arts, and extra-curricular activities. As you look at each student individually, you will be able to associate them with some of their favorite interests.

Some may have excelled in basketball while others were wonderful in plays. While some were always on the honor roll, others excelled in music competitions. Special interests such as FFA, Speech or Knowledge Bowl had many active members from this class while others focused on football, baseball, track and softball. They are very diversified and also very successful in their chosen courses.

I want to point out another wonderful aspect of this class. With their numbers at 25, they have 15 classmates who have been named honor students. That is 60 percent of the class which is phenomenal. After taking honor roll pictures of them for several years I know that there are probably several more who missed the honor student GPA by just a few hundreths of a percent. This is just one more sign that they put their all into everything they do and accomplish great things.

Realizing this, as an adult who cares about them, I am very confident that they will be successful in anything they take on in the future. I almost feel like a surrogate mother who has watched them grow, learn and mature since way before their school days. For many I snapped their picture as babies sitting on Santa's lap and continued to snap away through the next 17 years. Now on Friday night, with misty eyes, I will take those final pictures of many of them even as I smile with pride over all that they have accomplished and wish them the best in the future.