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Coyote wanders into metro area

A wiley coyote gave West Fargo and Fargo police the runaround for at least an hour Sunday night as it wandered southside neighborhoods.

West Fargo police received a call about the coyote around 8:45 p.m. near 16th Avenue and 14th Street in West Fargo, police Sgt. Gary Bommersbach said.

The animal had a wounded leg and appeared disoriented as it wandered residents' backyards. West Fargo police were trying to shoot it with a tranquilizer dart when it fled over a fence, Bommersbach said.

Soon after, Fargo police cornered the canine in the parking lot of Scheels off 45th Street and 16th Avenue in Fargo, but it escaped and fled back into West Fargo, Fargo police Sgt. Chris Helmick said.

As of about 10 p.m., West Fargo police had not seen the coyote again, Bommersbach said.

"There's not much you can do for him. Hopefully he'll just mind his own business and get back out into the wild," Bommersbach said.

Although this coyote was spotted in an inner-residential area of south Fargo and West Fargo, it's not unusual for coyotes to wander into city limits. They'll usually find their way back home on their own, Helmick said.

The coyote showed no signs of aggression, and police do not believe it was a danger to the public.