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Morris Liquor Store fails compliance check

The Morris Municipal Liquor Store was the only city establishment to fail an alcohol compliance check for selling to a minor on Tuesday.

Morris Chief of Police Jim Beauregard said the department conducts the checks about twice per year unless specific complaints or information warrants addition checks.

The department checked six businesses on Tuesday.

The liquor store clerk will be fined $250, and the city's $250 fine will supplement the police department's budget for drug and alcohol education, Beauregard said.

"This is the first time the city has failed in a long, long time," Beauregard said. "All the others did really well."

In 2009, all 11 Morris establishments that sell alcohol were checked at least once, and the Ranch House was the only one to fail. In 2008, two establishments failed the check, he said.

Beauregard is licensed by the state to conduct training for employees and business owners who sell alcohol. A recent training session in Morris drew about 50 people, he said.

Cities and the state have the power to assess civil and criminal penalties against establishments licensed to sell alcohol which fail compliance with drinking age laws.

Fines double with a second offense, and addition offenses could bring criminal charges, Beauregard said.

Morris begins by issuing civil penalties, and reminders are issued about obtaining extra training if there are additional violations within 24 months, Beauregard said.