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Talking it over -- 5-6-10

The following prayer could be said by any parent, grandparent, guardian or caretaker. However, it may be very fitting this week as we observe Mother's Day. Hope all mothers have a very special day.

O Lord, I have a child to raise! Help me to fit my deeds to my duty. Help me to realize that I have the greatest single task that can fall to the hand of a person. Help me to face forward with confidence, and put my hand in Your hand for safe guidance.

I have a child to bring up! May I enter, through my memory, the new world that is opening up to my child. May I not forget that my child is young, or fail to make allowances for mistakes. Save me from over criticism and let me prove to be helpful in guiding my child to walk paths that are unknown.

I have a child to bring up! Help me not to wear myself to a nervous frazzle through worrying; but may I allow my faith in my child's ability to choose right from wrong. May there be something so real in my life that, through my example, my child will be braced against the Temptations they are faced with.

I have a child to bring up! As I think of the multitude of attractions that tend to scatter the driving forces of youth, may I make the old home more beautiful to my child than anything save the beautiful dream of a home my child will have some day.

I have a child to bring up! Grant, O God, that I may be a friend and not a secret police. That I can encourage success and with each accomplishments, I will wear a badge of honor. And with every failure we can deepen the comradery between us.

I have a child to bring up! As a mother remind me that I am still learning. I must learn the most important lesson. Babies are a gift, to be loved and cherished but never to possess totally. We should all be ready to let them go whether it is back to God or on their own. That is the responsibility and purpose of Motherhood.

Then when life's day is over for me, may I have so lived that my child may say, "I have lost my best friend."