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Hancock Library News

First for all those fairy loving young girls, it seems that princesses and fairies are very popular right now. These books are probably for about the 9-12 year old level---of course that always depends on the child.

• Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (Disney Fairies)

• Lauren The Puppy Fairy and Isabelle The Ice Dance Fairy (Dance Fairies)

• And also-Bravo, Mia! (American Girl)

New adult christian fiction-

• Hidden, Forgiven, and Wanted (Sisters of the Heart, Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3)

• Where Grace Abides (The Riverhaven Years)

• In Harm's Way (Heroes of Quantico)

• Double Minds and Intervention -two novels by Terri Blackstock

• Nosy in Nebraska: Of Mice...and Murder/Pride and Pestilence/The Miceman Cometh (Maxie Mouse Mystery Series Omnibus) (America Loves a Mystery: Nebraska)

• Blood Bayou: A Novel

Don't forget Library Book Sale coming-May 14.

I love quotes and thought this was a great one-- Lose the image of the hair up in a bun. Old Maid is just another card game to them, and some actually have tattoos and wear more than two earrings.

--The article: A look at the secret lives of librarians

See ya at the Library!!