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Talking It Over: May Day is a day to play

May Day is a day to play

Today is May Day, do you have your baskets made? I have to admit that I have not made a May Basket since my children were in school but each May Day I remember fondly the wonderful memories this day brings to mind.

I like May Day because there isn't a lot of commercialization to the little holiday. The stores don't start promoting May baskets in February and you don't hear May Day songs on the radio for weeks before. It is just a simple little day meant to let you surprise‚ family and friends with treats or gestures for no particular reason other than because it is fun and it is spring.

One of the traditions of May Day is to deliver a May Basket, knock on the door and then run. If the person receiving the basket is very smart they can catch you and then demand a kiss. It can be a lot of fun if someone is ready and waiting for what you think is an unexpected gift.

Another May Day tradition that you don't hear a lot about today is to dance around a May Pole. I have had the opportunity to do this, I am not sure where it was, but I recall that it was fun and it made me dizzy. Each participant grabbed a ribbon and ran around the pole to which the ribbons were attached until all were tight. You then reversed the direction and ran until the ribbons were all free. Sometimes this was done to music. I was pretty young and running with older cousins so often ended up just hanging on and taking flight as the others ran faster and faster.

All these special things for May Day are simply a way to celebrate the start of a new month, a time for care-free days and a hope for warm weather ahead. It coincides with signs of new life as trees and grasses green up, flowers start to bloom and people emerge from inside their homes and offices to spend more time outdoors.

If you have a few minutes today, grab a paper cup, staple on a paper handle, fill it with treats and then leave it at the door of someone you care about. You will be sure to brighten their day and even add a smile to your own face. But be careful: If they catch you, you will also have to add a kiss to the gift!