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Chad Christianson hired as math teacher

The Hancock School Board approved a contract on Monday night for Chad Christianson as the secondary math teacher for the 2010-11 school year. Christianson will be replacing Dale Swanson who recently submitted a request for early retirement.

Christianson is familiar to many in the area as he has assisted with coaching girls basketball for several years. His wife, Ashley, teaches kindergarten at Hancock Elementary. The couple lives just outside of Hancock and they have one daughter, Kaylynn. Chad is currently teaching in Evansville.

The contract for Christianson thus far is for math instructor, however, some coaching and/ or other assignments could be added at a later date.

The board also approved the non-renewal of a contract for Wendy DeRung who has been teaching some math courses at Hancock. DeRung was still a probationary teacher at the school having worked here for the last three years.

Technology upgrades

Amy Dougherty was present at the meeting to report on recommendations from the technology committee. This committee meets yearly to review the technology at the school and compile a list of things that need to be added or replaced. The committee strives to maintain a four year replacement of computers in each of the schools computer labs.

This coming year the elementary computer lab will need to be replaced with 24 new computers. Dougherty had a bid from Dell for these computers at a cost of $18,662.88. She explained that the computers removed from the lab are in demand throughout other areas of the school in offices and classrooms so will be put to good use.

The committee also requested two more Interactive White Boards, one for the second grade room and one for the sixth grade room. This will mean that all the elementary classrooms, K-6, will have these popular boards. The sixth grade currently has one that has been put together from parts of other computers. That board will be used in a high school classroom. It was noted that as the elementary students advance to the secondary level more boards will be needed since they are used to working with them in the classroom.

Dougherty recommended the replacement of the server for the school, replacing the computer in Lori Razink's office and adding some software for the library. In all, with miscellaneous supplies and time provided by Dougherty and John Witte, the total cost of technology upgrades for next year will be just under $64,000. The board approved these upgrades and new products.

Other business

• The board was pleased to learn that the grant application placed by Nicole Schmidt for stage upgrades had been approved for $2,500. The original request was for $5,000 so Superintendent Jerry Martinson stated that they may have to look at other ways to replace the stage curtains.

• The school received two bids for insurance coverage, one from 1st American Financial Center and one from Bremer. The bid from 1st American was approved with agent Mark Leighton present at the meeting to answer questions. He thanked the board for its continued support and stated that he looked forward to working with them in the future.

• Hancock was once again approved for a Reading Corps Grant for kindergarten through third grade. An additional approval was received for tutoring in pre-school. Jackie Swinney has been working with Reading Corp at the school.

• A change order was approved for the boiler system. The original bid was for three smaller boilers however Climate-Makers has now recommended using one larger boiler. Their initial thoughts were that they could not get one boiler into the boiler room but have now located a smaller model with enough capacity needed for the project. Martinson stated that they will be shutting down the boilers next week and the asbestos removal will start on May 1.

• The board approved open enrollment applications for next year. Several were for kindergarten and two for seventh grade students.

The time for the May board meeting was changed to 5 p.m. on May 17 since there is a Choir Pops Concert that evening.