Weather Forecast


Area Weather: Weekend should by sunny, warm

Did you happen to see the video of the fireball meteor from Wednesday night? What an impressive event that was to see! Did you know that meteors travel at speeds of 25,000 mph to 165,000? Keep in mind that jets travel at speeds of only 500 to 600 mph in comparison.

Coming up next week is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota.

During the summer months we deal with thunderstorms, lightning,

tornadoes, hail, heavy rain and potential flooding, and sometimes

extreme heat and humidity. All of these weather events can take a toll

on you, your family, and your home and farm. This is the time of the

year, before the severe weather normally arrives, to get you and your

loved ones prepared for the crazy upcoming severe weather in Minnesota.

The annual toll from hail alone causes on average over one billion

dollars a year in damage nationally! Obviously, the best way to protect

your vehicles is to park them in a garage.

Lightning kills and injures more than any other summer weather threat. When you see lightning in the distance, move indoors immediately and get off of lakes and golf courses! In 2007, 47 homes and business were damaged by lightning in Minnesota. Already this year in the state, three homes have been struck by lightning--one in Sunburg. Be sure to have a plan for where to go when tornado watches and warnings are in the area. The basement or an interior room is your best bet!

Don't forget that a statewide tornado drill will take place at 1:45 pm on Thursday, April 22nd. Be prepared for the severe weather before it strikes. Stay safe this spring and summer!


In 1939 rain, snow, sleet and ice storm impacted Southern Minnesota and moved into parts of Central Minnesota. The area was very dry so area farmers were excited about the precipitation that fell!


Oak trees are struck by lightning more often than any other tree.



Moorhead...Low 30...High 63

Duluth...Low 35... High 61

Morris...Low 30 High 66

Twin Cities...Low 36 High 70

Rochester...Low 33... High 69

Marshall...Low 34...High 67

TODAY (Saturday)

Mostly sunny and a bit warmer. High 66 Low 35 Winds: NW 5-15 mph Prec. None. Today's sunrise: 6:33 a.m. Today's sunset: 8:10 p.m.

Normal High: 53 Normal Low: 33

High pressure will settle-in for the weekend and it will keep our weather quiet through Wednesday.


•Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 70 Low 40 Winds: SE 5-15 mph Prec. None

•Monday: Partly cloudy. High 65 Low 37 Winds: SE 5-15 mph Prec. None

•Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 67 Low 45 Winds: NW 5-15 mph Prec. None

•Wednesday: Partly cloudy, slight chance of showers. High 63 Low 45

Winds: NE 10-15 mph Prec. Trace-.10"