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SCMC earns patient safety awards

Stevens Community Medical Center has earned three Minnesota Hospital Association Patient Safety Excellence Awards.

The awards are given to medical centers for work in the prevention of patient falls, pressure ulcers and adverse surgical events.

The initiatives are termed SAFE from FALLS, SAFE SKIN and SAFE SITE. Minnesota medical centers are working to implement a list of recommended actions to prevent adverse events from occurring during a patient's hospital stay.

The MHA Patient Safety Excellence Awards are given to facilities that have achieved more than 90 percent of the recommended actions.

"Patient safety is and always will be at the forefront of the care we provide," said John Rau, SCMC's Chief Executive Officer. "We are very proud of the measures we have put in place and the diligence of our staff in their efforts at providing a safe environment for the patients we serve."

"Hospitals that receive these awards are to be commended -- the bar is set very high," said Tania Daniels, MHA Patient Safety vice president.

For more information about the SAFE campaigns, visit the Minnesota Hospital Association Web site at this address: