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Talking it over -- 4-8-10

The snow is gone, the temperatures are warming, Easter is over and we are now into the season of white -- wearing white that is. During my adolescent years I quickly learned a few rules about fashion and one of those involved the wearing of white.

I am not sure if it was my mother, friends or through magazines that I learned about the rule of white. No matter how it came to be known to me, I quickly adapted to it and policed it like so many others. The cardinal rule, one that is not actually written but just passed along from generation to generation, is that you don't wear white after Labor Day or before Easter.

Now this didn't mean just any form of white. White t-shirts, shirts, and of course underwear, were all okay. However, white shoes, slacks, coats, or purses were simply not to be worn during the fall, winter and early spring months. It was just a fashion no-no for many, many years and is something I just can't get away from.

There were other fashion statements made during these years, some that I can easily break and others that continue to stick with me. I still can't quite bring myself to wear plaids and stripes or pink and red together, and socks with sandals just don't work for me (unless my feet get really cold). I don't know if I am worried that the fashion police will arrest me or just that people will whisper and laugh about my attire behind my back.

Now the fashion statements that involved bell bottoms, hip huggers, mini skirts, polyester and paisley were easy to drop. I welcomed the straight legged, waisted jeans, knee length dresses and more comfortable, color-fast and wrinkle-free fabrics.

Therefore, I continue to wait until Easter is over before I drag out my white shoes, bring back the light colored jackets, and empty my black purse while filling up my white one. I can now get out the tubs of summer clothes and pack away the sweaters, even though I know there will still be some cool days ahead.

The boots are going to the back of the closet while the winter coat, hat and gloves will just be set to the side a bit because I just may want to put them on for things such as the fishing opener. However, the primary part of my closet will now be filled with pastels, summer prints and finally, white.