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Talking it over -- 4-1-10

It may not seem like a big deal, entering your cute baby in the cutest baby contest, however the benefits that come out of it are tremendous. Not only do you get a chance to show off your child, grandchild or just favorite baby, but you also get to contribute to a great cause.

The Hancock School Foundation which benefits from the contest is a very worthy program. Even if your children do not attend school in Hancock, you can benefit from its funding. They help sponsor things like the Prairie Children's Theatre production, zoo visits, speakers, trips and many other things. Several of these events are open to the public and whenever possible are shared through public performances, in the newspaper or on web sites for others to enjoy.

The Foundation also helps keep our school thriving, up-to-date with technology and create an exciting and fun environment for learning. They contribute to things such as smart boards, new reading programs, musical enhancements and even athletic needs. Their donations are varied and always designed to benefit the student and the school.

If you do not have children attending the school you are benefiting simply by have a vibrant school district in the community or area. It makes for interesting conversations and reading material, helps keep our homes marketable and brings new families into the community. Our businesses, churches and organizations all benefit from a healthy school and learning environment.

The deadline for our cutest baby contest is the end of this week so I encourage you to dig out those pictures of your favorite baby and submit them soon. Then take time to get your votes in and enjoy the best part of the contest, looking at all the great pictures in next week's issue. As I have said so often, there are no losers in this contest. All the babies are winners and each of us, who enjoy looking, sharing and voting, reap the benefits of these adorable children.