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Osage burglars steal ATM from Country Market

Burglars forced open the door of the Osage Country Market during the early morning hours Saturday and absconded with an ATM just inside the door.

An unknown amount of cash was in the machine, said store manager Jeff Christlieb. Nothing else was taken.

"We have a fairly good idea who it was," Christlieb said. Although the burglars spray-painted the surveillance cameras, images of the thieves were captured before the damage was done, he said.

He described the burglars as regulars in the store. He said sometimes they were shopping; other times they appeared to be casing the place.

"They knew we have excellent surveillance that covers the store aisles," he said. "They have been in here fairly often."

Christlieb was meeting with Becker County investigators Monday and said he might offer a reward leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible.

If anyone has information about the burglary, he or she is asked to call the Becker County Sheriff's department at 218-847-2661