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Nothing like the mighty Red River, Perham experiences flooding of its own

Perham experienced flooding of a different sort, when a lake formed between the public library and the history museum last week.

An old water line near the History Museum of East Otter Tail broke March 18, according to Merle Meece, Perham public works supervisor.

"It was an old line to the old water tower, from long, long ago," said Meece.

Breaks of this kind don't happen often, said Meece, but when the ground shifts in the spring, it is a vulnerable time for old lines.

Museum Director Lina Belar said that, within an hour, there were several inches of water in the basement of the history museum-a former Episcopalian church and one of the older buildings in town.

Next door, at the Perham library, there were no reports of water in the building, said Meece.