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Hancock Looking Back 3-25-10


(Taken from the Thursday, March 23, 2000 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The Hancock School will have a new superintendent as of July 1, 2000. In a special meeting held Wednesday afternoon, the School Board offered the job to Jerry Martinson who is currently working in the Lincoln school district in southern Minnesota. This school covers the communities of Ivanhoe and Hendrickson.

The 1st Annual Women's Competitive Team Volleyball Tournament will be held April 15 and 16 in Morris at the Regional Fitness Center. the Regional Fitness Center is the new $5 million fitness facility located adjacent to the UMM PE Center. Eight teams will be accepted, first come first serve.


(Taken from the Thursday, March 30, 1995 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The Harold and Ila Gramm family of Stevens County was honored as the Stevens County Outstanding Farm Family of the Year by the University of Minnesota at the ceremony and banquet held March 16 on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.

Mitchell Evink spent the first year of his life in a Russian orphanage where his parents, Bruce and Donna Evink, picked him up in January of this year.


(Taken from the Thursday, March 26, 1970 issue of the Hancock Record.)

For the first time in history a strike has had a direct affect on this community. This came in the wake of a work stoppage by postal clerks and carriers in New York City last week and then spread to other sections of the country including the Twin Cities. Postmaster Harland Estensen surveyed three bags of mail and a bundle of newspapers that arrived in the Hancock post office Tuesday morning. This is about 5 percent of the normal volume on incoming mail.

Mrs. Frank Wiese, Sr., 77, passed away unexpectedly at her home in this village, where she lived alone, sometime early Friday morning. Mrs. Wiese was found lying dead on the floor in her bedroom by her son, Ronald, about 9:00 a.m. Death was due to a heart attack.


(Taken from the Friday, March 29, 1935 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A matter of 40 miles doesn't mean anything to James Borrill, 87 years old, even if he does have to walk, and a tryst that has been kept for well over half a century was not broken this year. In spite of poor roads and bad weather, Borrill celebrated his birthday with his old friend, Mrs. Warburton, of Glenwood, whose birth date falls on the same date, this year just as he has done every year for the past 70 years, although he had to walk and hitch-hike from Donnelly, 40 miles away. Borrill was a student under Mrs. Warburton's mother as a boy, and later Mrs. Warburton stayed at his home while teaching school herself. Because the two celebrated their birthdays on the same date they became good friends and have celebrated their birthdays together each year.

Quite a number of our folks took in the basketball game at Morris Wednesday evening and thoroughly enjoyed the comedy put on by the Globe Trotters. The clever way in which those boys juggle the ball is well worth seeing.


(Taken from the Friday, March 25, 1910 issue of the Hancock Record.)

John Jensen, of Thompson, Ia., has purchased of Julius Nelsen the Hancock Restaurant and will hereafter conduct that establishment. He has had experience in the restaurant business in the cities and will no doubt make a success of the business here, especially as he will have plenty of good help, his mother and sister assisting him. He has quite a few relatives living east of town.

Most of our farmers have been seeding most of the past week while nearly all of them will be in the field next week. These latter regard it as a bit early to sow and it is just as well to go a bit slow. There is a lot of work like dragging that can be done this nice weather and everything made ready so that when the seeding begins it can be carried straight through and it will be found in the fall that there will be no difference in the crop sowed in March or seeded in April, and the March seeding stands more risk from a cold snap than the later seeding.