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Sport pairing is off the table

Superintendent Jerry Martinson gave the Hancock School Board what could be the final update on the Co-op Sports Agreements with Chokio-Alberta. He explained that he had recently talked to the C-A superintendent to see if they had made a decision about the pairing in volleyball for next year.

He was told that C-A's first intention was to go west and pair with Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley. However, the CGB board recently voted against the volleyball and spring sports pairing.

He added that he had polled the board and the indication was that they would then choose to go with Morris in all sports except football.

The Chokio-Alberta board was meeting the same night as the Hancock board to make the decision official.

C-A and Herman-Norcross intend to remain paired in football for the time being and Herman-Norcross will be pairing with Wheaton in all other sports.

Martinson inquired about the possibility of pairing with C-A in junior high football and this will be brought before the C-A board. For now it appears that any sports pairing other than football between Hancock and C-A will not take place.