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Bits & Pieces -- March 18

A week ago I flew to Chicago to take care of my 2 1/2 month old granddaughter. I wasn't sure which I would be more afraid of, it turns out neither were too bad after all.

I spent a week in our son, Duane's condominium which can house the whole population of Hancock, plus their cars. I looked out of the window on two sides and could watch the neighbors who lived in the same situation. Now I'm a country girl having lived my whole life either in the country or in a small town, so it was somewhat of a culture shock. But I did get brave and walked a couple of blocks to the grocery store. Most days were cold and taking a baby out wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. While I did want to go the the St. Patrick's parade on Saturday, as it was only three blocks from Duane's, but because it was raining I wasn't able to, although the parade did go on.

The places to eat were fun, twice we ate in an Irish pub, one night in an Italian restaurant and we had Chicage pizza delivered, which is the best. Duane isn't a bad cook himself, so the eating was good.

Now taking care of a baby is something not taken lightly. I forgot that they call the shots and this tired old grandma was almost worn out. But because she was so cute, it didn't matter. (the baby that is). Besides Mom and Dad were there part of the time.

But talk about a change in culture, leaving from the airport in Fargo, N.D. and landing at O'Hare Airport in Chicago is quite a change. After looking out on the big city and driving home from Fargo where you can almost see the end of the world, is quite a change too.

But one thing I did notice, people are really not that much different, while there are more diverse cultures in a big city, people can be kind or rude or just minding their own business as anywhere else.

Oh and I have to mention the car wash that Hazel took her car to. They have eight cars in this garage in a line, starting with the washing, the waxing and finishing with the vacuming, all done by someone who is busy with each job as they go down the line, all for $6.95.

But it is good to be home, except the snow is still here.

Have a good day!