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County Road 20 closed due to washout

A segment of pavement on Stevens County Road 20 washed out recently. County crews expect to have the road passable by next week. Photo courtesy Stevens County Highway Department.

Stevens County has a few roads with standing water, but only one has been closed because of damage from melting snow.

The Morris Area School District also has issued an alert that water on roads could pose transportation problems for some families.

Stevens County Highway Engineer Brian Giese said County Road 20, west of Highway 9, north of Donnelly, will be closed until at least next week after water caused a segment of pavement to collapse around a culvert.

County crews are expected to fill in the gap next week to make the road passable, then will do a more permanent repair once conditions permit, he said.

Other county roads have standing water but are not closed to traffic, Giese said. The roads include: County Road 20, west of 440th Avenue; County Road 54, south of Highway 28 between Chokio and Alberta; County Road 66; County Road 4; and County Road 57.

Despite the relatively rapid melt, county roads are in better shape than they were a year ago, Giese said.

"There are some areas where things haven't broke loose yet," Giese said. "But county-wide, we're on the downhill, barring any rain events."

On Tuesday, Morris Area officials issued an alert to families that because of flooding of low areas and some roads in the district that buses will not drive over roads that are covered with water or that have been washed out.

If district bus drivers can't make it to a home, parents will be contacted to make alternative arrangements. District residents can contact Deann Recker at the Morris Area Bus Garage at (320) 589-3932.