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DNR reminds homeowners to complete open burning activities now

With the quickly receding snow cover exposing last year's leaves and other dead vegetation, yard clean-up isn't far behind. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds homeowners that spring is fire season, and to think safety first when disposing of yard waste.

The safest way to dispose of yard waste is to recycle or compost it. However, homeowners who choose to burn yard waste should try to accomplish this while snow still blankets the area.

Three inches or more of continuous snow cover drastically reduces the chance a fire will escape and burn unintended areas. A DNR burning permit is not required under snow-covered conditions, but local city and municipalities may require a permit at all times of the year.

Spring fire restrictions will soon take effect and will severely limit open burning. The restrictions are weather dependent, but normally last from four to six weeks until summer green-up.

Most wildfires happen during April and May and more than 95 percent of these fires are caused by human error. Past experience has shown that spring fire restrictions dramatically decrease both the numbers and sizes of these "escaped" fires. If the DNR or a fire department is called on to put out an escaped fire out, the homeowner is responsible for the costs.

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