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Talking it over -- 3-11-10

One day last week I walked into By Lo to pick up the leftover newspapers from the week before. As I entered I noticed Jerry Logan talking to Leann and he immediately turned to me and said "you should have been there to take a picture of that".

Since I am always looking for interesting pictures for the newspaper I just had to find out what "that" was. Jerry went on to fill me in on the story.

It seems that the night before he and his wife, Carol, decided it was warm enough out to fire up the barbeque grill and throw on a couple steaks. As Carol prepared the steaks, Jerry went out to get the grill ready. While standing by the warming grill, Jerry noticed a slight nudge on his leg. He looked down and found a pig sniffing around the grill.

After the initial shock was over, Jerry jokingly called out to Carol "put away the steaks, we're having fresh pork instead". He added that something like that could only happen in a small town.

It turns out that Jerry soon realized the pig was actually his neighbor's pet potbelly pig. The last time he had seen it, however, the animal was much smaller and not quite as "neighborly". His pet status saved him from the barbecue that night.

I had to agree with Jerry that something like this is probably not considered quite as big a deal in a small town. After all, it is not impossible for a farm animal to stray into town. Since I was not able to get a picture I did the next best thing telling the story and letting each of you imagine it in your mind.

Even I as picture Jerry, the grill and the pig I have one major concern. I only hope the next time he is outside grilling pork chops, that a 2,000 pound steer doesn't walk up to check out what's cooking!