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Senior citizen discounts

The other night my homemakers group got on the subject of senior citizen discounts. We talked about the different ages people are considered 'senior citizens' and what that entails as far as discounts. I remember when I first became aware of the "senior citizen" status.

It all started for me about the age of 50. As I visited stores and restaurants, the clerks or waitresses would shyly ask me if I wanted the senior citizen discount. My initial reaction was surprise with some degree of hurt feelings. I just couldn't understand why someone would perceive me as that old.

This continued to happen sporadically over the next few years and eventually I started to get used to it. I came to the realization that there must have been a few more lines and wrinkles showing than I thought and, then again, those gray hairs could have been an indication that my age was catching up to me.

Now I have reached the ripe old age of 55 and in many ways I am actually considered a senior citizen. This is the age when restaurants offer discounts, insurance rates can be lowered and special magazines start to arrive at your door. Even though I plan to work for several more years, there are many lucky people who retire at this age.

With my new status I have also started to accept the prestige and benefits that go with it. Young people come to me for stories about the way things used to be. I give advice often - it is not always taken or even appreciated - but I keep giving it a try. However, my favorite part of turning 55 is that I have started to look for and expect the senior citizen discount.

If you pay attention, several businesses hold special days for seniors. This could be a day for additional discounts or just a day when they serve coffee and goodies to what I would now term as their "favorite" or maybe "most important" customers. Restaurants also carry a nice lighter menu for seniors who are often trying to eat healthy.

I have decided that this senior citizen thing is not all that bad. My children are all grown and on their own, our home is established and actually stays relatively clean all week, meals are small and easy to prepare and there is very little laundry to do. Then when I go out somewhere I get a little extra taken off the bill and a little more change in my pocket. That is perfect for the time I get to spend drinking coffee with my fellow seniors and reminiscing about the past.