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Talking it over -- 2-25-10

About two weeks ago I accompanied my daughter to a doctor appointment in Fergus Falls. The reason for the appointment was a check-up and stress test for her pregnancy which is nearing the final weeks.

When we arrived they hooked her up to some monitors and gave her orange juice to encourage activity from the baby. She informed us that it probably wasn't needed and as we watched we could see her baby moving busily and her tiny heart beating strongly with each movement. Since this was the outcome the doctor wanted to see we were sent on our way with appointments for weekly visits.

I had accompanied my daughter on a similar appointment nearly three years ago when she was expecting our granddaughter Jaedyn and simply hearing the heart beat made everything so much more real. Now listening to the heart beat of our third grandchild, I can't wait to meet her, hold her, love her and spend time with her.

With the due date approaching in mid to late March we are watching as our daughter and son-in-law prepare for the arrival of their second child. The nursery has been set up, clothing washed and packed away in drawers, and all the necessary equipment dug out of storage and made ready for use. Tiny little diapers are stacked in the closet next to equally tiny clothing. Baby bottles, bibs and pacifiers now have a special place in their cupboards.

Through this we have also watched the growing discomfort for our daughter and prayed steadily that all will go well with the baby and Tammy. We know what a precious gift a baby is and also realize how quickly things can go wrong.

Adding to our grandchildren is such a wonderful part of our lives for my husband and myself. We are so excited about the new arrival and know that she is already loved. We can't wait to meet her but know that these last few weeks are important. I will be sure to let you know when our third grandchild arrives and our family grows not only by one but in love and hope for the future.