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Hancock Library News

New -- we now have the magazine "Kids Sports Illustrated" on our shelves and have also ordered "The Northern Gardener" which is a magazine put out by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society. It is much more pertinent to our climate area than some of the other gardening magazines. This was a suggestion by a patron, so remember if you have a request be sure and let me know and we will see if it is a possibility or not. Also, we now have federal 1040 Tax forms and booklets, we didn't earlier when some of you had inquired.

Last week I went to my Viking Library Director's meeting in Fergus Falls. The Viking Library system has a new office building in Fergus Falls, something that was very badly needed. The old building housed 11 workers, the entire bookmobile library, and all the Viking System vehicles (vans and bookmobile buses) in a very small space. I swear those people worked in the tiniest offices I have ever seen. The new place was built to resemble a grain elevator to mimic the heritage of the towns it serves. It is a very nice building but at the same time very modestly built and decorated. They had a certain budget and absolutely could not go over that budget. I found that very refreshing.

The new building does have a permanent meeting space for us, which will be so nice. Before our meetings would float around from the Otter Tail building (where it was always so cold) to a meeting space in the regional treatment center (where I always got lost) to poolside at the hotel (where it was always noisy, humid and smelled like chlorine) to who knows where, so this is a wonderful thing for us. Something else new in Viking News is the hiring of a new Viking Public Library Consultant. Her name is Gail Nordstrom. She is currently a librarian in Stillwater. This job was formerly held by Nancy Alsop who retired last year. The consultant's job is to help us when we need answers. Making visits to us when needed, and moral support. She also heads up the Summer Reading plans and many other programming details. She seems very energetic. Many of you know her husband, he was the ventriloquist who performed here last summer.

See ya at the Library!