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Grand jury indicts Hurd

OWATONNA The man accused of stabbing his girlfriend 109 times and leaving

her in a ditch outside of Owatonna has been indicted on charges of first-degree murder by a grand jury.

The grand jury returned an indictment against 22-year-old Ryan Hurd on Friday. Hurd was indicted on charges of first-degree premeditated murder and first-degree murder while committing a kidnapping. The indictment also charges Hurd with three counts of second degree murder: Second-degree intentional murder, murder while restrained under an order for protection and murder while committing a felony.

Hurd was initially charged in December with second-degree murder. Only a grand jury can bring forth an indictment of first-degree murder in Minnesota. The grand jury convened in Steele County District Court on Thursday.

A conviction of first-degree murder requires a sentence of life in prison without parole. Second-degree murder carries a penalty of 40 years in prison.

The body of Kathyrn Rose Anderson, 19, was found in a ditch about six miles northwest of Owatonna on the morning of Dec. 3. She was found wearing only a sweatshirt and boxer shorts.

According to reports, Hurd and Anderson had been dating but the relationship was documented as violent Hurd had been arrested for a domestic assault in October and a second domestic disturbance between the two had been reported. A no-contact order was issued against Hurd in Dakota County.

According to the criminal complaint, Hurd admitted to investigators he drove Anderson to the Owatonna area, where he stabbed her and left her before returning to Minneapolis. Once in Minneapolis, he caught a bus to Tulsa, Okla. Hurd has family in that area and authorities were able to track Hurd using cell phone records. He was arrested in Tulsa and waived his right to extradition before returning to Steele County.

According to the autopsy report, Anderson was stabbed 109 times and had deep abrasions on her lower back and lower body. The report said the abrasions were consistent with being thrown onto a gravel surface and sliding along that surface. The cause of death was from both the stab wounds and exposure.

Hurd will be arraigned on the charges in Steele County District Court next week.

Reprinted with permission from the Owatonna People's Press