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Morris Fire Department receives FEMA grant

The Morris Fire Department will receive a grant for almost $68,000 for new equipment.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants are administered by FEMA and call for a 5 percent match by the City of Morris. With the matching funds, the department will have more than $71,000 to purchase equipment, said Fire Chief Doug Storck.

The department plans to purchase a new air system to fill tanks for firefighters from Morris, Cyrus Chokio and Hancock. The "cascade" system costs about $25,000.

The department is planning to use about $30,000 to purchase a backup generator for the fire hall, which will provide electricity in the event of a full power outage. It's an important addition since the fire hall serves as a backup dispatch center for law enforcement and emergency services, Storck said.

The department also plans to purchase, for $10,000, a washer-extractor to clean firefighters' pants and coats, which Storck said cost about $1,100. Keeping the suits free of debris is important to firefighter safety, he said.