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Snow - Pronunciation: ?snÿ

Function: noun : precipitation in the form of small white ice crystals formed directly from the water vapor of the air at a temperature of less than 32°F (0°C) b (1) : a descent or shower of snow crystals (2) : a mass of fallen snow crystals

Well we have had a lot of snow this winter and though it is troublesome it certainly has been pretty this year--not as much wind and more just lazily floating from the sky. Perfect for the photographer or snow lover. I know there are many people (including my husband) who might not agree with my love of snow but, hey we live in Minnesota!!

We have a new book here at the library called "Secret Life of a Snowflake." The book features photographs of real snowflakes, water evaporating, clouds developing, ice crystals, rain, dew, and frost, all the elements of the world and weather that add up, flake by flake, to the white landscape of winter. This book may be geared toward the 6-12 year old but is great for all all ages. Snowflakes are one of nature's most magical wonders.

This week is also the start of the winter Olympics in Vancouver. I always enjoy watching the ice-skating and skiing events and they make me lonesome for my days of skiing and skating. One of the things they told me when I got my artificial hip was "no skiing" and so in my New Year's cleaning I finally relented and took my ski boots to the Salvation Army, but on these beautiful snowy days I sure do miss it. I know todays the youth are probably more about snowboarding and we also a have a book about that for your reading pleasure.

Of course don't forget our many books about love for Valentine's Day---and for your Valentine's movie we now have one of the classic "love" great movies "Casablanca" with Humphrey Bogart on DVD.

Order your Valentine's balloons.

We will be closed Monday, Feb. 15 for President's Day.

See ya at the Library!