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Passenger in Fargo drunken driving arrest steals same car an hour later

Less than 90 minutes after he was in the passenger seat for a drunken-driving arrest, a 20-year-old Fargo man was arrested on Saturday morning on suspicion of stealing the same car.

Taylen Twohorses, of 114 14th St. S., was charged on Monday with three felonies - theft, simple assault and contact by bodily fluids - in connection with the incident, which began at 3:40 a.m. in the 1700 block of First Avenue North.

A juvenile driving a red 1994 Oldsmobile owned by his father was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, Sgt. Mark Lykken said. The dad came to pick up his son but did not find the car in the same spot as the traffic stop. The father tracked it to the corner of 16th Street North and First Avenue North.

Lykken said Twohorses, who was found in the vehicle at about 5 a.m., resisted when police attempted to arrest him on suspicion of auto theft. According to the police reports, Twohorses spit at the juvenile's father and police and kicked an officer in the hand as he tried to restrain him after he tried to kick out a window in a squad car, he said.

He was also charged with two misdemeanors, possessing drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct.

In an initial appearance Monday in Cass County District Court, Twohorses' bail for the charges linked to Saturday's incident was set at $5,000. He's also in the Cass County Jail until March 8 for a 30-day sentence on a minor in possession of alcohol charge.