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Hancock Looking Back 2-4-10


(Taken from the Thursday, February 3, 2000 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Your water and sewer bill is an individual thing. It's sort of like putting gas in your car - you pay for what you use. Your water usage is measured by the water meter. The more you use the more it will cost. So for your benefit it will pay to conserve the water you use in your homes.

The new feed mill being constructed north of Hancock is going up quickly. A crane is used to raise workers to the high levels where the construction is currently underway.


(Taken from the Thursday, February 9, 1995 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Kaitlin Ann Koehl was the first baby born to a Hancock couple in 1995. She arrived on Jan. 30. Kaitlin was welcomed by her parents, Shelly and Chris Koehl, and sister, Olivia. She received several prizes from area businesses.


(Taken from the Thursday, February 5, 1970 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A frustrating Pheasant Conference wrestling schedule came to a close for the Hancock squad on Monday night when they lost to Bellingham 33-15 to give them a winless season. On the brighter side though, for the year, were several boys who did win their share of matches. Those include the three Hacker brothers (Lowell, Charles and Jim), Warren Payne and Jim Boeckermann. Now the Owls enter the conference tournament at Bellingham on Friday and Saturday and the following week they will participate in the district meet.

Sales and profits at the Hancock Municipal Liquor store were above that of the previous year according to the financial village statement. Sales were $86,178.78 with disbursements of $75,725.58 for a net profit of $11,453.20 or $1,096.20 over that of 1968.


(Taken from the Friday, February 8, 1935 issue of the Hancock Record.)

While returning from the city Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Mecklenburg, accompanied by C. J. Bordewick, had a rather serious accident just the other side of Willmar Thursday evening of last week. The party was returning home and as Mr. Mecklenburg was pretty tired, Mr. Bordewick took over the driving and Herman prepared to get what rest he could in the rear seat. It was quite foggy and Mr. Bordewick was driving considerably slower than he would have with his own car. He saw a light just ahead of them on their side of the road and slowed up preparatory to turning out but crashed into the rear end of a road grader, also headed this way. There was a heavy iron draw bar cross the end of the grader, which was travelling at a good rate for a machine of that kind, but the impact was enough to wreck the front end of the Mecklenburg car almost beyond repair.


(Taken from the Friday, February 4, 1909 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Clarence Huntley and Art Eby have purchased a roller skating outfit and opened for business in Benson the first of the week. The boys will put in a part of each week at Benson and at Willmar for some time to come and when the sport gets a little old in those towns, will take in some of the other burgs along the line.

There were rumors last week that Frank Fidler who went to Germany for a visit shortly before Christmas was being held there on account of some difficulty over his passports or irregularity in his papers when he first left Germany for this country some years ago but it is probably all talk as Mrs. Fidler had a letter from him the latter part of the week stating that he was having a good time and expected to leave for home in a week or two. If Frank does get mixed up with the Emperor Bill we hope he will just drop a line to the Hancock Fire Department and we will send the big chief McGowan, over and we will bet a cent Mac brings him back.