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Hancock library News

It is February and that means Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is kind of like a gift stuck in the middle of winter. We are all kind of hibernating in our heavy clothes and seeing gray skies, and all of a sudden comes red and romance. Remember to order a balloon for your someone special whether child, parent or sweetheart.

I enjoyed seeing the winners of the 2010 Hancock Spelling Bee and congratulations to them. A number of them are my library patrons and although I of course can't take any credit for their spelling abilities I do think reading and spelling go hand in hand. Spelling was always a subject I enjoyed and did well at (as opposed to the maths and sciences). I attribute much of this to my years in country school and my teacher Emma Huntley (Lois Bell's mom) who gave us a wonderful foundation in spelling and phonics. What ever happened to phonics?

Many times I talk about the new adult books but we have some new children's books also--like--

The Arrival by Shaun Tan---The Arrival tells the story of a man's immigration to a strange new land, and the people and places he discovers in the course of finding a place to call home. This is a book for children 7th grade and up and also for adults as well.

This is a book with no written words only pictures and the absence of any written word plants the reader more firmly in the shoes of an immigrant character.

I'm Going To Be The Best Ballerina Ever! is a charming children's book that covers all the fantasies of a little girl wanting to be a ballerina--from the costumes she'll wear to the crowds throwing flowers on the stage. Also I'm Going To Be The Best Princess Ever! is perfect for a princess fan, and also new I'm Going To Be The Best Astronaut Ever! may spark imaginative play.

And now for the adults who want to get organized-

Pottery Barn Workspaces is the essential guide to creating a casual, comfortable environment with as much style as the rest of your home. This book is packed with organizing solutions, creative ideas, and design advice to help you turn any office, studio, or project room into the ultimate workspace.

Also new- Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier, Unfinished Desires by Gail Goodwin