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Man charged for breaking into church for Internet use

Tell-tale signs left in a Web browser's history folder led investigators to a suspect in a church break-in.

On Nov. 17, Menahga Police Chief Scott Koennicke responded to a report of a burglary at the United Methodist Church in Menahga. Koennicke learned a key and two blank checks were missing from the church, and the church's computers had been accessed by unauthorized users, court documents said.

The rear door and east door of the church was found unlatched.

From the computer history, investigators found information allegedly left by Roderick Dennis Freeman, 19.

In a Mirandized statement, Freeman said he entered the church and used the computers without authorization on more than one occasion. But Freeman denied taking the key or the checks.

Freeman was charged Jan. 12 with second-degree burglary -- government, religious, historic or school building. His first appearance was scheduled for Feb. 8.