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Bits & Pieces for January 21

During and following Christmas week, we remember how awful the weather was, cold and snowy, so you didn't feel like getting out of the house. Trying to keep yourself entertained was hard, save television, of course. That is just what I did, watch TV. Besides I didn't have much ambition to do much else.

Watching the commercials, which by the way take about 35 minutes of each hour, the rest is the TV program. It is interesting to watch those selling medications or prescription drugs and telling of all the side effects. You wonder if you should really be taking them. But not to worry, the next commercial is a law office selling their services if you should become deathly sick or die, you or your family can sue and you will be in good shape or at least your family will be.

Also, does anyone really watch a half hour program showing the amazing benefits of a certain vacuum cleaner, mop or broom. Or how to cook a meal on a small appliance? They are worse off than I am to watch that on TV.

And do we really need to watch the violence, blood and gore on so many action shows, I don't need to see it, I could figure it out with just a little bit of information. Give me Matlock any day, but then I've seen those so many times, they are losing my interest. The same with Golden Girls. Don't they write anything worth watching anymore? Guess not, besides I'm beginning to wonder if the writers for these shows are from this planet and if they even know or care who watches TV the most.

Thank goodness for the game shows, that's my thing. I even sent my name in on one of them to be a winner. I have a password so I can go on line if I win, but I lost it and can't remember what it is anymore and if I would win, I couldn't get into the program to claim my prize. Such is life, I can't wait for spring so I can get outside and get some fresh air.

Have a good day!