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Hancock Looking Back 1-14-10


(Taken from the Thursday, January 13, 2000 issue of the Hancock Record.)

International Exchange Student, Antje Suhling of Hamburg, Germany, is spending the year with Bruce and Irene Anderson of Hancock, and their children, Chelsea, Vanessa, Cassie, and David.

Jan Raths, a long time Hancock businesswomen, needed a little extra support on her 50th birthday Sunday. Her good friends came to the rescue with 50 brassieres, thoughtfully displayed inside and outside her beauty shop, County Cut.


(Taken from the Thursday, January 19, 1995 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Dena Hennen has returned to Hancock after spending a year in Australia as an exchange student. Heathfield High School is where she went to school. She made many new friends while there. An interesting aspect of the school is that students are required to wear uniforms. The winter outfit was white button shirts, maroon and blue striped wool skirt and maroon sweaters.


(Taken from the Thursday, January 15, 1970 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The Cargill elevator in Hancock has been sold to Roger Gottenburg of Audubon. The transaction also included the feed business and the new firm, which will be known as the Hancock Feed and Grain Co., will continue to be Nutrena dealers.

No arrests have been made in the attempted burglary of the Hancock liquor store on Wednesday morning of last week and the theft of two automobiles and a pickup truck. It is theorized that the thefts of the three vehicles are linked with the attempted burglary.


(Taken from the Friday, January 18, 1935 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Sneak thieves seem to be a little busy these nights and several of our folks have lost coal and fuel from private sheds as well as the Welsh elevator. Someone tried to break into the rear door of the Hancock Tire Shop the other night. The night watchman heard the racket and immediately investigated, barely missed catching the would be burglar who faded out of sight just in time though he was tracked for some distance by his big footsteps in the occasional patches of snow. Be sure you lock up your coal sheds and rear doors safely at night.

George Clemens, who has charge of the boys and mens leisure time activities for the village here has been notified that a skating contest will be held in the near future at Morris and as our skating rink here is not of sufficient size to hold the regulation races to determine winners in this community, he requests that all the men folks from 12 years up be at the school skating rink sometime Saturday afternoon and notify him of their intention to enter the contests which range from 220 yard to two miles in the different events. Winners in the county contest will very likely go to Alexandria later on, where a big district meeting will be staged.


(Taken from the Friday, January 14, 1909 issue of the Hancock Record.)

If A. A. Davidson did not know it before, he certainly must have realized he was married when he went down Saturday afternoon on his arrival home with his bride and read the inscriptions on the elevator. It was handsomely (?) decorated with all manner of pictures of Davidson in all his favorite postures and his beloved pipe. There were also little inscriptions which read "just married today," "have a cigar on me," and "we are happy." In the evening a crowd gathered and proceeded to make more noise than we have heard in a long time and if there is anything more needed to convince A. A. he is married, all he has to do is to mention it and the boys will supply the deficiency with the greatest of pleasure.