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"To resolve: To form a purpose: to make a decision; especially, to determine after reflection; as, to resolve on a better course of life."

Starting in the New Year, I resolve to:

By__________= ____________________

For your convenience we will have sheets like this available at the library so you can write your resolutions down. I have written mine down and have them posted next to me at the library so they are in my face everyday.

I am kind of joking, but this is the time of the year we all maybe try (again) to somehow do things better and maybe writing those goals down isn't such a bad idea. My resolutions always seem to have something to do with time management, home organization, eating, and reading. After all the sweet goodies that people gave us, and the chips and dips, the egg nogs, the herring, the oyster stew and even fresh lobsters shipped in on Christmas Eve. I know it is definitely time to eat a little less--but oh what fun it was!

Another resolution I have is to make a new recipe from one of my many cookbooks that I haven't made before. This kind of thing always kind of scares my husband and actually probably defeats the eating less resolution.

We have diet books, cookbooks and exercise DVDs here at the library if you would like help or incentives with any of your resolutions.

Of course, we would wish that everyone would resolve to read more and use the library more. If you aren't into resolutions maybe just embrace a word to meditate/ think about throughout the year. "Nurture" would be a good one-as in nourish, tend to, cultivate-as in trying new things and interests. Boy can we help you with that here at the library.

I am very glad 2010 is here. I love new beginnings. I love the symbolism, the ritual of recognizing years (time) gone by and the hopeful welcoming of the months ahead.

Next Monday is Martin Luther King Day and the Library will be closed.

See ya at the library-very soon in the New Year!!