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Menze to challenge Peterson in 7th District race

Glen Menze announced Thursday that he will challenge Collin Peterson for the 7th District Congressional seat in November.

Menze, an accountant and former farmer, ran against Peterson in 2008, collecting 27.7 percent of the vote as Peterson was reelected for a 10th term with 72 percent of the vote.

In a release, Menze said he supports reducing the size of the federal government and focusing on job creation policies that include tax breaks for business and job training programs "that will help our workforce find job opportunities and businesses compete in our global markets."

"Peterson no longer represents the interests of the citizens of our district," Menze said. "I will vote against any legalization that will cost jobs in our district like the cap and trade bill Peterson supported and voted for recently.

"The race will focus on what direction we want our country to go. I support a free enterprizeipse system that will provide jobs and a brighter future for our children, Petersen supports a growing government that slows growth and opportunity".

Menze said Congress has not put jobs at the top of their list but instead has been distracted by climate change and health care bills.

"Both (are) job killers in our district," he said.

Menze said he is pro life and supports the second amendment.

Precinct caucuses are Feb. 2, at 7 p.m.

In Morris, the DFL Party precinct caucus is at Old #1 Southside, and the Republican Party will caucus at the Morris Area High School cafeteria.